Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit full length papers that fall into the area of E-Learning and E-Learning Technologies. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Multi modal learning analytics
  • Internet of Things(IoT) for Education
  • Cloud based e-Learning and offer as a Service
  • Game based learning
  • Decision support systems, expert systems for knowledge capturing, extraction and modeling
  • Mobile learning; Ubiquitous learning, possibilities, challenges and applications
  • Virtual/online experimentation, labs and scalable solutions
  • P2P computing in education
  • Learning management systems, frameworks and architectures
  • Open source, open standards, free software in education
  • MOOCs platforms
  • Distance education and remote class rooms
  • Flipped classrooms
  • Assessment and evaluation methodologies
  • Instructional design for distance learning, e-learning, blended learning
  • Pedagogical models for adaptive and personalized learning
  • Content authoring tools
  • Quality assurance in e-learning
  • Automated Course Authoring
  • Social networking and collaborative learning
  • Big Data, AI and Deep Learning in Education and Learning Analytics
  • Semantic web technologies in education
  • Security & privacy in e-learning
  • Learning technologies for differently abled
  • Next generation learning technologies
  • X
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